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"REDTAPE is a delightfully absurd little first person adventure where you try to cut through the bureaucracy of Hell to get an important document signed by the big man himself."
- Alpha Beta Gamer


WASD - Move
SHIFT - Hide paper 
SPACE - Jump
MOUSE - Interaction 

Game artist: Francisco Lucas


Unreal Engine Programmer:  Nathan Gabriel



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RedTape - Full Version.rar 120 MB
RedTape - Ludum Dare Version.zip 99 MB

Development log


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Awesome, especially after playing the Steam one.


I love my job!

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nice game never can escape corporate process even in hell


I made a short review in spanish


Such an odd, mundane, but nostalgic and surreal atmosphere.  I loved this game!



randomly saw this game on  youtube just had to say great job on the game should explore this visual style again sometime


this was wild lol I didnt know you made the courage game as well, hell yea

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Vou voltar a jogar o Kardiossomatic. Mais um jogo bom, como sempre. Parabéns.

Video - Linux - winehq-staging (v7.0.0) roda UE4


The graphics gave me such a strange feeling.  Like it was boring but surreal and interesting at the same time.  Reminds me of an office building from the 50's or something.  Loved it!


Will you release it on steam?


eu vi esse jogo no canal do ManlyBadassHero e decidi jogar né e dps disso descubro q foi um br que fez?? isso é simplesmente incrível, eu amo esses tipos de jogos e saber que foi um criador br q fez me deixa ainda mais feliz!! continue com seu incrível trabalho man!


Obrigado por jogar e pelo carinho 💛


Is Mark now the Brazilian president?



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hey, i'd love to try out your game but despise microsoft with every fiber in my being. i refuse to install any software made or encouraged by them. could you make a linux version at some point? thanks if you can. no stress if you can't. also, i love the trailer.

UPDATE: after a full year, i finally got it working flawlessly with Wine-GE. GloriousEggroll is the GOAT.


I also use linux but dude why all the hate towards microsoft lol, but yes we really need a linux release i cant get to run it with Wine.


because bill gates is a creepy bridge troll who giggles about controlling the population and uses slave labor to make destructive software designed to fail and cost you hundreds of dollars every few years.


Fax. Developers which can't accomodate for systems other than Windows are either lazy and incompetent or have some weird ideological gripe that makes them think that even though they are indie developers they need to follow some big corpo dogma of putting all your eggs into windows basket.


i disagree. most people use windows, so it's only natural that most indie devs make their games for windows. it just sucks when i see a good game like this that requires me to give up my privacy to play.


year late but calling people lazy for doing something you do not do at all is the real issue that should be solved . people complain over things they know nothing about


Yes dude. The UE4 for me always crash either. I use Ubuntu (debian flavour). If it had been made in Unity, okay. Godot much better to us.


You can do it with winehq-staging don't use the stable version. I will upload now the video, I use the Ubuntu (linux) as well.


Use winehq-staging (v7.0.0) I got through that wine. The stable version does not run UE4. I'll upload video playing on that wine-staging.

!!! thank you so much man! i didn't see this because it's been a while since i've itched my itch itch.

hahaha Don't worrie, buddy. I love it. Thanks to share this little masterpiece.  :D


As someone who was born into DOOM and Zandronum this game hit the special sweet spot of "games that I enjoyed every second of" and considering the topic matter of the game I applaud you.


Really enjoyed this. It's quirky and funny. Who knew everyone in Hell was so helpful?!


Loved this thing so much. Wish I could throw you guys some money, but I'll seettle for compliment.

*Abandon hope all ye who enter here*
*Spoilers ahead*

I LOVED how this is a story about how overwhelming bureaucracy generates complacency about procedure. The employees know that if you follow the system you'll never get what you need so they just turn a blind eye to help who they can. And everyone is so nice. I was terrified of why the *hell* Michael, hell's manager, would be so nice. Guess I should have noticed the name there hahaha.

I can only imagine that most assets were thrown together and then stylized to match (what with the 72 hours), but in the end it creates an absolutely cohesive visual style.

Absolutely loved the twist at the end.

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Thank you VERY much for the support! It is for comments like this that motivate us to continue creating works like Redtape, you are amazing! Michael sent you a hello from heaven 😇

Now we are accepting donations too!

And yes! In a day and a half we had the map textured! We work tirelessly as in hell.inc! 😈


funny, clever and accurate. Loved it!

Glad you liked the game! It was fun to watch the gameplay!! Thank you very much! 😈


corporate americ- i mean h3||

Probably one of the most creative indie-horror games I've seen in a while. Definitely a must play. The unique characters and unexpected story really give this an extraordinary atmosphere.


Nice, it works perfect.


A great kafka-like experience! I think it will be a new videogame genre now, kafka-like. It is also a mix between Mario 64 and The Stanley Parable. I will review it more in Portuguese - Avaliando sua build para a LD48 senti que vocês construíram primeiramente o level design e depois rechearam o prédio ludicamente. É um projeto bem ambicioso usando a Unreal e gostei muito que vocês prosseguiram e lançaram um pouco depois a versão completa! A única coisa que realmente me incomodou foi o uso de alguns elementos meméticas fora do contexto dos anos 90-2000, como alguns feedbacks sonoros como o “Oh Yeah”. Poderiam ter usado a tela do win98 também ao contrário do xp. As referências foram ótimas fora isso! Adorei o S. (não vou falar para não dar spoiler) aparecendo correndo haha. Não pude explorar o suficiente pra ver se os corredores de cubículos eram infinitos mesmo. Foi um grande prazer jogar o jogo de vocês! Parabéns!

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great jobs for full version ... GG AND FUNNY ENDING AHAHAH


Sadly the game kept crashing numerous times after entering the elevator when I needed to go to the second floor, and eventually it seems like it crashed so hard it refused to launch at all. This said, the atmosphere is absolutely perfect and I would really want to play the full version (or at least crash-free, hahahah). I would really be glad if you took the development further!


Hi Nishin! We are working to correct the crashes and finalize the game. Thank you for understanding, for playing and for the feedback.  <3

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cool prototype